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Fair Building

It is important to Stockholmshem that we build our housing in a safe and responsible manner. We take proactive actions against economic crime and follow up on all our contracts to make sure that every contractor and sub-contractor pay taxes and provide their employees with reasonable wages and working conditions. Everyone working on our construction sites should do so under fair conditions.

In collaboration with Scandinavian Risk Solutions, we conduct unannounced inspections on our construction sites, of for example:

  • Work permits
  • ID documents
  • ID06
  • Working conditions
  • Tax and employers' contributions

Report errors and deficiencies

If you suspect that laws and agreements are not being followed, you can make an anonymous report to Fair Play Bygg, an independent organization that will forward the information to the responsible authority. Report to tipsa@fairplaybygg.se.

To find out more about our work against economic crime on our building sites, please contact rb@stockholmshem.se.