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Visits possible - when leaving your key in a service box

Together, we must do everything possible to minimize the spread of the corona virus.

Updated August 24

Visits possible – when leaving your key in a servicebox

We book visits for repairs in apartments if you leave your key in a service box. In order for us to help you, you must be symptom free and not at home during our visit.

If you don’t want to leave you key in a service box, we can only help you with urgent matters. When we do urgent jobs, please keep the safety distance of two meters or, if possible, stay in a another room.

Please call our customer service 08-508 39 000 for more information. Thank you for your cooperation!


On 1177.se you'll find information in many other languages about the importance of staying at home when having symtoms of a cold and what to do and where to call if you live in Stockholm.

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